We have actors and singers who have spent many years on the stage performing in musicals, comedies and even a drama now and then.  We also have many members who do not appear in a production, but without whom we'd never be able to pull the curtain....from designing and constructing the set, to ushering, to sewing costumes, to painting sets, to doing make-up, to running the lights and sound....well, the list goes on and on, even some who just want to be in the audience.  We gather together in locations in Coconino County every summer to perform.  We welcome new members to join us as members or in our audience.


We currently do not have an on-line ticketing reservation system.

For tickets to upcoming or current productions, please call 928-225-5700.  Tickets can be purchased every Wednesday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon at Provident Partners Realty, 20 Pinewood Blvd. in Munds Park.

Seats for all performances are general admission.



Coconino Community Theatre  is ending its debut 2019 season with outstanding ticket sales and a rousing community ovation. Near sell-out crowds attended the latest show, “Broadway to Hollywood…the musical,” reaffirming the theater group’s commitment to provide quality entertainment --COMMUNITY theatre—for and by the entire community of Coconino County.


Building on the success of its first season, CCT is actively seeking fresh, new talent for next summer’s  robust and exciting repertoire. Auditions, which are open to everyone in Coconino County, are scheduled Friday, August 30that 10AM and 1PM and Saturday, August 31st at 10AM and 1PM at Martino’s Restaurant (under construction), just north of Pinewood Boulevard on the west side of Fairway. Auditioners need not have props or costumes. Just come, read lines, and demonstrate your ability to act. Nineteen adult roles are being cast for next summer’s shows and one might just have your name on it!


CCT plans a mystery dinner theatre show with a cowboy theme as its opening act in June 2020. Replete with gun-slinging frontiersmen, tawdry saloon girls, honky-tonk music, and fingers pointing at everyone in town, the murderer lays low until all of the evidence unfolds. This show offers a colorful line-up of twelve potential roles for wannabe actors who don’t necessarily have a lot of theatrical experience. Local playwright Ele Parrott, who penned the script, will direct the mystery. She’s looking for six men and six women who can bring the Wild West alive to move the story along. 


CCT’S Artistic Director Lynn Rouyer and Musical Director Jared Bowyer plan a fun and stimulating musical theater experience in 2020 for kids and grandkids of Munds Park residents. Show details and applications will be mailed out in early 2020.


If you’re interested in trying out for a really funny and challenging comedic role, make sure you make it to auditions for two separate comedies under consideration for CCT’s 2020 season finale. Titles won’t be revealed until the selection is made, but both are hilarious plays that require good comic timing. Four men and three women are needed. Some acting experience is preferred, but if you’re a natural on stage, you could get the part. 


Place: Martino’s Restaurant (under construction)—Fairway, North of Pinewood Blvd. on West side of Street. For more information, call 928-286-0006.

review of benefit concert

Broadway Stars Performed in Munds Park

                                     By Clyde Morrison

Wow! For one weekend at the end of May, Munds Park was the entertainment capital of Arizona. Four professional artists, three from Broadway and one from Phoenix put on a fantastic show that would equal or surpass anything I have seen on the Broadway and London stages. On Friday, May 24, they put this show on at the RV Park and then on the next afternoon they put the show on at the Munds Park Community Church. While this was billed as a benefit for the new Coconino Community Theater (CCT), it was truly a very professional show. Gary Mauer (stage name for Gary Mau) and his wife Elizabeth Southard have been the leads in Phantom of the Opera on Broadway and tours and Gary was also a lead in Les Miserable. Bryan Runbeck was the lead in Golf, an off-Broadway production. In that show Bryan sang a love song to his driver, Big Bertha. He did that same song for our show. All three of these artists showed why they were so successful in New York. And then the non singer in the group, Nicole Pesce played the keyboard in a way that I have never seen or heard before, and in fact never thought was possible. She took suggestions of favorite songs from the audience and put them all in a medly, ending with "The Flight of the Bumblebee". That you had to see to believe.  Her fingers moved faster than possible as she went from one hand to the other with the melody and the flourishes and then in a feat of showmanship she brought her hands up higher than her shoulders as she pounded down on the proper keys for emphasis. Wow again.

To pick out the best of the show is impossible. Every song was done as well as it could be done. I personally loved the love songs from Phantom of the Opera with Gary and Beth. In one song the Phantom pushes Christine to sing higher and higher until Beth Southerd was hitting notes higher than the notes above the range of sopranos. And in "Music of the Night" Gary as the Phantom seduces Christine with his beatiful, lush tenor treatment. In the "Prayer" (Bring Him Home) from Les Mis, I thought I had seen and heard the ultimate in London, but Gary did it just as well as the star in London. Actually there were other songs that came from other musicals that brought tears to our eyes. The bench scene from Carousel, in which Beth as Julie Jordan and Gary as the flamboyant carnival barker, Billy Bigalow, was beautifully done with its famous "If I Loved You" song in which the two of them claim they don't love each other, but the audience knows that they do. In addition Gary did songs from Kiss Me Kate, Caberet and the Jersey Boys which showed his range as well as his acting ability.

The show was a complete production with several spots of humor added to the beautiful ballads. Bryan and Gary did a number that they had done thirty some years before in Colorado just after their years at the University of Arizona. Gary starts out with an Irish ballad about Maggie. Bryan interrupts him by saying that the audience doesn't want another ballad. They want something more peppy. So, they do a duet with Gary kicking up those long legs as he gets into it. This reminded me of that song "Play a Simple Melody" that Bing and Gary Crosby did several years ago (if anyone besides me goes back that far).

My thanks to Gary's parents and former Munds Park owners Al and Alice Mau, and sister Melanie Westmark who were instrumental in bringing this fabulous complete show to Munds as a benefit to CCT. It certainly is one of the best shows I have seen in my life. And again, WOW! If you are in Phoenix next November and December, you might put on your calendar that Gary will be singing with the Phoenix Orchestra at that time.


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